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Other SGAP web sites

The Society for Growing Australian Plants Qld Region

The Society for Growing Australian PlantsĀ  Townsville Branch Inc.

Australian Native Plants Society (Australia)

Botanical sites

Atlas of Living Australia
Australia's national biodiversity database.

Australian Plant Census (APC)
Under development to supercede WIN

Angiosperm Phylogeny Website
The phylogeny and evolution of seed plants

Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids
A Lucid based, identification key to the 224 orchid species currently recognised in northern Australia's rainforests

Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants Edition 6 (RFK6)
This is the latest iteration of the RFK

Request a Species List
Generates species lists for selected areas in Qld

Discover Nature
The biodiversity of the James Cook University campuses

World Wide Wattle

Australia's Virtual Herbarium


Plant Net
Flora of NSW

Electronic Flora of South Australia

The Western Australian Flora

Flora of Tasmania online

The Flora of Victoria

A Census of the Australian Capital Territory Flora

Census of the Queensland Flora 2017
The authoritative published list of all the known native and naturalised species of plants, algae and lichens in Queensland

Other plant organisations

Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia


Weeds Australia
Weed identification and reporting

Epipremnum pinnatum
Native Monstera
Vappacalum superbiens
Curly Pinks
Cymbidium canaliculatum
Cycas cairnsiana
Eucalyptus miniata
Darwin Woollybutt
Pittosporum revolutum
Hairy Pittosporum
Albizia procera
Forest Siris
Pipturus argenteus
Native Mulberry