SGAP Cairns Plant Species Page

Over the years, SGAP members, in particular Rob Jago, have compiled plant species lists of areas that the Branch has visited on its outings. The links below access some of these plant species lists in PDF format. Not all of the lists have been updated to reflect recent nomenclatural changes, but they will be some time in the future.

Area Size (KB)
Cairns Regional Council Area 362
Cape York 420
Cattana Wetlands 58
Babinda Boulders 17
Barron Falls 201
Barron Gorge Power Station.pdf 271
Bramston Beach Master List 769
Bramston Beach (Paperbark Park) 738
Bramston Beach (Pineapples Section) 735
Cairns Campus of James Cook University 131
Cairns Campus of James Cook University Hillslopes 51
Davies Creek 126
Earl Hill at Trinity Beach 67
Ella Bay 430
Emerald Creek 51
Emuford to Lappa Junction 744
Forty Mile Scrub 29
Goldsborough 775
Ivan Evans Walk at Bayview 580
Isabella Falls 91
Josephine Falls Walk 210
Julatten 265
Lake Morris 149
Lake Placid 751
Machans Beach (Barr Creek Bridge and Estuary) 758
Mangrove Boardwalk at Cairns Airport 11
Mossman Gorge 67
Mount Ida east of Herberton 292
Mount Lewis 147
Mount Sheridan Botanical Walk 862
Mount Whitfield 95
Mount Whitfield - Yellow Arrow Trail 320
Redden Island 761
Russell Heads 764
Thala Beach 39
Undara Lava Tubes 26
Walsh's Pyramid 33
Wangetti Beach 151
Watsonville 20
Wonga Beach 149
Plant19Plant17Harpulia fruitescensPlant15Plant14Helminthostachys
Helminthostachys zeylanica
Amomum dallachyi
Green Ginger
Harpullia frutescens
Dwarf Harpullia
Pandanus monticola
Scrub Breadfruit
Tarenna dallachiana
Tree Ixora
Tacca leontopetaloides